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Get Up

  Probably one of the hardest lessons to learn in life is to take responsibility for your actions, and your own outcome. As much as someone may have hurt you, as much as life may have smacked you around at the end of the day if you let those things determine where you are and where you are going its like closing your eyes and trusting the things or people that hurt you to lead you safely through a minefield. You will basically get blown up repeatedly and after it happens rather then get up and get out you go right back to closing your eyes. "That would not have happened if ____ ", "if only ____ life would be better", "if ____ would just listen", "I can't because ____ will say or do ____" or "they did this to me". "They did this to me"... Some things are genuinely out of our control, and sometimes really awful things happen, people do really awful things and they truly are to blame for what they did. They are to

The Need For Validation

  I thoroughly enjoy social media when used in a healthy way. I enjoy the connection it brings and the fact that you can share fun, memorable, important moments with people you love. I have lately been wanting to post more, and have been hesitantly examining why I want to do so, and I can honestly say I think it would be fun. And that is all. But... Around the same time I started thinking it would be fun to post more I started to see others getting hurt. And not even through pictures posted or there number of followers the had or did not have, or the amount of likes. Some in that way, yes, but the majority of them simply sought situational or mental validation from others. Unfortunately that is the point of social media for a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being encouraging and getting encouragement, or validating someone's feelings or having someone validate your feelings. But a lot of the time on social media we are validating the